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Dagger 'Khanjar' Charm

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  • Introducing the Dagger 'Khanjar' Charm

    The Khanjar is the name for a traditional dagger predominantly found in the Arabian Peninsula. It was once used for personal protection and hunting but plays more of a ceremonial role in society today. Considered a sign of nobility & pride,  each khanjar requires specialist craftsmanship to make. It remains a symbol synonymous with the region, particularly in Oman, Yemen and the UAE.

    This unique charm aims to honour that history and can be worn as a choker, layered up with different necklaces or even added to a bracelet. It's double sided, versatile and suitable for younger jewellery lovers too with an interactive clasp that undoes to reveal the mini dagger within!

    Choose from 18kt gold plated vermeil (on a sterling silver base) or from 925 sterling silver.

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    Very elegant and beauty, hope you bring more lovely items. Wishing you all the success.